Dear student,

After a careful review of a talented group of students, I am pleased to offer you admission to The Great University of Lucrecio. My colleagues join me in sending our heartfelt congratulations.

We thoroughly enjoyed learning about your academic and personal achievements during our review process. It is clear that you have a promising future and that you will contribute to the university’s community in meaningful and significant ways.

The enclosed packet includes important information and details regarding enrollment. Please read the instructions for accepted students carefully and return all forms in the enclosed envelope. As you have been accepted to The Great University of Lucrecio as a recipient of the Giovanni Scholarship, no payment will be required.

As part of your scholarship you automatically have a on campus accommodation arranged. These details are also attached.

Congratulations on this most recent accomplishment in your life.


Lucanor Giovanni, Lord of Lucrecio Dean

Anima - Accepted